Kia Niro hybrid available now in UK

Kia Niro hybrid

Kia Niro hybrid goes on sale in UK

Kia has just launched its first petrol-electric crossover, in the form of the Kia hybrid. Kia Niro hybrid is available now to order in the UK.

Although, Kia has been around for a while and is quite established on the market, it hasn’t really explored hybrids so far. It continues to produce intriguing vehicles that prove popular with customers; however, the new Niro hybrid is about to change everything.

Four spec variant are currently available, with prices starting at £21,295. Considering, it’s the brand’s first venture into the world of hybrids the price isn’t too extreme, so car buyers will likely find the new Niro hybrid quite appealing.

Even though, the vehicle still remains the same for the most part styling-wise, the new powertrain option will more than likely elevate it to another level and widen its popularity.

People are becoming more open to alternative powertrain, with electric cars in particular experiencing a huge growth in popularity in the recent years. Hybrids weren’t always as accepted as they are now; however, due to the recent changes to rules and regulations, and the on-going battle against high emission, they’re proving to be a popular alternative.

The Niro isn’t one of the most exciting vehicles ever built, so in order to make it slightly more unique, the brand has made a bold move, one that will be very interesting to witness over the coming months.

Since, hybrids are rather popular at the moment, the market is overflown with them. The competition is definitely fierce, so unless Kia makes the Niro stand out, it will have a hard time finding buyers.

It’s too soon to tell whether the Niro will do well or not; however, most reactions so far have been quite positive, so it could prove us wrong and do very well sales-wise.

Only time will tell however, so for now it’s best we don’t speculate, and let the car speak for itself.

Regardless, the new Kia Niro hybrid is a rather affordable vehicle that’s decent-looking and quite appealing in ways.

What do you think of the Kia Niro? Are you excited about the introduction of the hybrid version? Tell us what you think, and don’t forget to come back soon for more articles about new cars.

Kia Niro hybrid goes on sale in UK
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Kia Niro hybrid goes on sale in UK
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