Fiat Chrysler investigated over sales figures

Fiat Chrysler

It has been revealed that Fiat Chrysler is currently under investigation over a reported 6.5% growth in sales this year.

Another day, another scandal in the automotive industry. The last few months haven’t been great for a lot of car manufacturers. With Volkswagen and the “Dieselgate” scandal, marking the start of a controversy-filled year, we can’t get a break from the constant scandals that seem to be plaguing the industry at the moment.

Fiat Chrysler is the latest carmaker to come under scrutiny over its reported 6.5% sales growth this years. According to reports, the brand is currently under investigation by the FBI and SEC in the US, after it has emerged that fraudulent practises might have taken place.

The brand’s Michigan headquarters have been visited by legal representatives on 11 July, and the homes of former and current staff have been raided by FBI and SEC.

It hasn’t yet been revealed what exactly is being investigated, or what sort of documents the authorities are after; however, it is believed it all has to do with the figures the brand released earlier this year.

Although, it might not seem like that big of a deal, sales figures play an important role in the automotive world. It’s how we determine how successful a manufacturer is, which gives customers and potential investors an idea of whether now is the right time to be investing money in a brand.

Exaggerating or falsifying such information, could potentially be classed as fraud, in which case Fiat Chrysler could be looking at some serious allegations.

Fraud is not taken lightly, and all people responsible could face prosecution.

Until the full scale of the scandal is revealed, we won’t know for sure, who exactly is responsible, and whether further action will be required.

Fiat Chrysler has a rough ride ahead of it, but until further details are released it’s best we don’t speculate or spread rumours.

How do you feel about the Fiat Chrysler investigation? What do you think the outcome will be? Let us know what you think down below, and come back soon for all the latest from the world of cars and car finance.

Fiat Chrysler investigated over sales figures
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Fiat Chrysler investigated over sales figures
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